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Uniqlo’s Beijing flagship store has been caught up in a case of steamy public sex. On Tuesday, a video of a couple having passionate sex in a nondescript changing room went viral in China.

The location of the dressing room in unclear until the end of the clip, when staff make an announcement over the store PA, “Dear customers, welcome to the Uniqlo store at Sanlitun. There are no fitting rooms on the first floor. Please proceed to the second and third floor if you need to try clothes on.”

It seems that China creates some serious internet fans and according to CNN locals have been flocking to the store to see the ‘scene of the sex’ and to take selfies in front of the building and inside the changerooms, obviously.

Uniqlo has denied any involvement in the the video, saying in a statement posted to Weibo, that they are a responsible brand who strive for comfortable and quality shopping, “We would like to remind all customers to abide by society’s moral standard… and properly and appropriately use our fitting rooms.”

If you feel the need to see the action, you can check it out here. NSFW, obviously.


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