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Weekly updates

So, we’ve known that iconic The Late Show presenter, David Letterman, will be retiring from the biz next year but there has been much speculation as to who will be his replacement. Personally, I was hoping that Louis CK was up for contention as per those series of episodes on Louie a while back but it’s now been revealed that none other than Stephen Colbert will be parking his ass behind that mahogany desk each night. Interesting choice, CBS!

According to Variety, Colbert’s new role will see the end of his Fox News Media-inspired alter-ego. The questions is…. Without the alter-ego, what’s he really like? Actually he’s probably been on heaps of shows beforehand as himself I’ve just never owned cable so wouldn’t know, so it’s probably not the existential dilemma I think it is…

It’s not clear as to whether The Colbert Report will keep running sans Colbert. I gotta say I’m more of a Jon Stewart fan myself but whatever, I’m sure Colbert will do a great job of filling Letterman’s left-leaning white dude shoes. I’m sure they fit perfectly.