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Weekly updates

It’s a little sad to admit just how much anxiety and panic a low phone battery level can bring about. But this is life (and problems) in the first world and it requires innovative, albeit completely excessive, solutions. Delta Air Lines in the US have not only come up with a life-saver inclusion on their long-haul international flights, but also a pretty Instagram-worthy way of promoting it. The American airline company will now be featuring USB ports on selected flights, which will surely help to curb the cabin fever often circulating on those 12-plus hour flights. Those on solid ground can also benefit from this new inclusion, with mini hubs installed in Uber cars, as spotted on a New York service. Pretty simple idea, if you ask me, and a little baffling as to why this hasn’t been thought of sooner. Let’s hope other transport companies are paying attention to this and we can all be saved from the isolation of a flat phone battery.

Image via Scott Beale/Laughing Squid.