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Desiigner drops his own emojis

Maybe these emojis will help you understand what he's saying

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Let’s face it, you aren’t truly famous until you’ve released your own line of emojis. Kim Kardashian set the bar pretty high with the release of Kimoji earlier this year, it went absolutely viral. It didn’t take long after the reality star took over our phones, before other celebrities had to make their mark in our phone conversations too. Justin Bieber and Future joined the club with their own versions, and now we’ve got another addition.

Panda man, Desiigner has jumped on the bandwagon and released his very own personalised set of emojis. There are over 60 different emojis that include pandas with chains, dabbing pandas, an array of his facial expressions, as well as an emoji of what Desiigner would look like if he was in the cartoon series Fairly OddParents. To top it off, his G.O.O.D Music crew is featured as well as ‘broads in Atlanta’.

Desiigner said he ‘wanted these emojis to be next level’, in a recent press release. Whilst it’s hard to top some of the Kimoji’s, he certainly does add his own personal swing to them. Check them out in the gallery above.

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