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Victoria is about to be the first state in Australia to locally grow medical marijuana for legal use in exceptional medical circumstances, following the recommendations of a Victorian Law Reform Commission report tabled in Parliament.

Under the cultivation trial, ¬†licenses will be administered to enable cultivators and manufacturers to produce medicinal cannabis products such as oils, capsules and tinctures. The first to benefit from the reform from 2017 will be children with severe epilepsy, whom in many cases are already using medical marijuana products illegally to ease chronic pains. While this is a solid step in proving there is a changing cultural standard, recreational pot smokers will not see any benefits under the states reform with medical marijuana ‘not to be smoked because of the health dangers’ under the report.

There will also be several steps taken in order to decrease the possibility for organised criminals to reap benefits from the legalisation of medical marijuana products, mainly through the use of a rigorous licensing scheme. Conditions of use include limiting the products to those who have severe pain from cancer, HIV, aids and epileptic conditions where two specialist medical practitioners think medical cannabis might work better than other medical options.

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