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LeBron James has announced that his production company Spring Hill Productions and Warner Bros. Entertainment are forming a partnership that promises film, TV, and digital content. In the past month, Warner Bros. also filed new trademarks for the Space Jam franchise. If the ACME anvil hasn’t quite dropped for you yet, that means that the chances of the development of a potential sequel to the greatest movie of all time (or at least 1996) have improved a significant amount. Rumours of a sequel have been floated for quite a while, but it appeared any movement on the issue had been pushed back as much as Lebron’s hairline–until now.

Having just featured in Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, and with critics appearing to be reasonably happy with his performance, it stands to reason that we can probably expect King James to star in the Looney Tunes-filled flick. Lebron has certainly expressed his interest in doing so in the past, so here’s to hoping they can incorporate a plot line where he joins the Looney Tunes and later gets traded to the Monstars, so he can “take his talents” to Moron Mountain.

Overall, fans should be happy as long as they also agree to put together an equally dope successor to the original soundtrack, which gave us tracks like this, and similarly create a ’90s style website for the movie, much like the one you can still access today. Unfortunately, while we wish we could be reporting on a confirmation rather than speculation, in terms of what we know; that’s all folks. Just make sure to stay tooned for more.

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