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Weekly updates

If you are feeling down and out because it’s a Monday, here’s a little something to brighten you up. At least you’re not THIS fucking guy. Hard to get firm details on this one, as The Man won’t let me watch this video (not viewable in this country whaaa?) but from my deduction skills, dude got a tattoo of his then girlfriend’s selfie on his body… annnnnd now wants it removed.

There are more questions than answers for this one. First of all, WHY? Secondly, why such a shitty photo? And thirdly, why is this woman taking a selfie with a fucking point and shoot? What is this? 2003? Actually, maybe it was a pic from 2003. But then, why use a pic from 2003?? Anyway, looks like things sorta turned to shit with these two and now he wants it removed. But really mate… how did you think that was gonna go down?

Someone please find this selfie woman or the dude. I want to know what went down. Read more about it here, but to be honest, there’s not really any info out there about this. It’s kinda weird and creepy. Maybe it’s like that really shit episode of The X-Files where that dude’s tattoo of a woman would tell him to do gnarly shit and kill people. And her voice over was Jodie Foster. It was fucking terrible. And I was like 10 when I watched it.