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Weekly updates

You know when a place is described as the love child between Japanese vending machines and New York speakeasies, you can expect something a little weird, maybe a little wrong but always a good time. Well, that has been the picture painted by Sydney’s newest nightspot, Tokyo Sing Song. This Japanese-inspired, late night bar had its official launch on October 10 at its Newtown location, attracting all manner of good-looking, good-time people.

The basement bar will be recruiting curators to organise the musical and artistic talent each month, with Duckpond (creators of Big Day Out’s lush Lilypad) at the helm of the entertainment until November. And if the opening night was anything to go by, Tokyo Sing Song looks to be the place for some spectacular weirdness. Featuring candy-infused Kickapoo, Miley-inspired drag queens, ‘ostentatious glitter’ and Paul Mac and Stereogamous on the decks, it’s enough to solicit the desperate cry of FOMO from all those outside the Newtown area.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, check out some of the party people in the gallery above.

Tokyo Sing Song
Wednesday – Saturday, 11pm to 6am
145 King Street
Newtown, NSW