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Who Deleted Me for Facebook is an app that relies on human insecurity for its success; which is why it’s pretty much a genius idea. While it can’t retroactively go back and find out which traitors have left you for dead digitally, it works quite simply by determining a list of who your current Facebook friends are, and then sneakily tracking who attempts to slink into the cyber shadows.

The app was available previously, but Facebook disabled it for violating “intended limitations”. However, it’s made its triumphant return recently with improved features, including making more frequent checks for updates, and an assurance that whatever tricky way the developers are getting data this time around is totally cool with Mark Zuckerberg.

Conveniently available for iOSAndroid and a Chrome extension, so you can be paranoid on all your devices, the app will notify you if someone else deletes you from their friends list. If you’re keen to try it out, be alert but not alarmed; the website and app have both been crashing, likely due to every single “Petty Wap” out there looking for the next way to call others out on their betrayal both URL, and IRL. There’s no real judgment here though–here’s to all of us depressing our future selves when that first notification slides through.


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