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Weekly updates

Feeling hungry? Feeling like indulging in the sin of gluttony? Feel like eating a sandwich that represents every single letter of the alphabet in one hot mess of flavours, textures, and ¬†fat content? THEN FOOD BLOGGER NICK CHIPMAN GOT YOU COVERED BRO. Enter the Alphabet Sandwich, a very literal A-Z of foodstuffs stuffed between a couple of slices of bread. Shout outs to Nick for getting creative, I’d never heard of xylocarp (essentially a coconut) prior to this monstrous franken-sandwich. According to Nick, he did actually eat his creation but he had to disassemble it first. Jump over to Dude Foods for the full rundown of ingredients – I’m kind of disappointed he didn’t go for an exotic zebra meat to be honest.

The question as always, is why? And the deafening answer shouted from millions of keyboard jockeys is of course, why not?