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There are times in all of our lives when you’re at a low point and you have brief flashes of your depressing potential future. You know the mental image I’m talking about: you’re all alone except for eight cats, a dirty bathrobe and a half-finished jumbo cask of sauvignon blanc. Don’t fear though, a Japanese pet food company has created a product range to help you stave off that growing sense of existential despair.

A brand called Petontokanpai [ニャンニャンぬーぼー] (which, based on my shitty comprehension of Japanese is a rough pun of ‘cheers, pet’) has released a range of red and white wines for cats and sake and beer for dogs. The beverages’ page, which you can peruse here, emphasises again and again that these are non-alcoholic products which, while being a most humane decision, sort of defeats the point of buying custom grog for your li’l companion.

The whole thing is admittedly absurd and a good source of throwaway humour but I can’t help but ask myself: is this too far? For centuries we have domesticated animals but to what extent is treating pets like people seriously detrimental to a species’ posterity? As one Japanese cat fan observed:

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