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Weekly updates

We’ve all wished that you could conjure up food in your mind and it would appear before your very eyes. A feast everyday. Well, a company in Germany is not too far off the mark with their new invention. The future is here.

Biozoon Smoothfood has created a printer that will print edible food. In place of ink, the cartridges will contain liquified foods and a binding agent to create the goodies. Edible? Yes. But tasty? Apparently so. The flavour from the foods will remain in the 3D print. Where can you get one, I hear you ask. Unfortunately, at the moment they’re only being used in nursing homes. Created for the elderly and people with dysphagia who are unable to swallow food, the food will basically melt in their mouth, preventing them from choking. They will be making six foods to begin with: cauliflower, peas, chicken, pork, potatoes and pasta. But there’s definitely room for expanding in the future.

I’m going to agree. I’d also like to print my own food. I’m lazy and always hungry.


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