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In 2008 Vince Gilligan created Breaking Bad and turned midlife drug pushing into a viable option for everyone questioning their lives as dying chemistry teachers. Seriously though, the five season crime drama has no doubt been one of the greatest television shows to grace our screens since forever and is sadly coming to an end this month.

In memoriam, Entertainment Weekly has released  a bunch of storylines that didn’t quite make the screens to give die hards out there something to think about as they mourn the end of Walter White. Story editor Gennifer Hutchison gives us the DL on why some of Gilligan’s ideas didn’t make the cut and how she kept the show true blue hardass.

Here’s just one of the storylines she rejected where Heisenberg opens a pharmacy.

PLOT: Walt switches to either bootleg pharmaceuticals—Viagra, anyone?—or meth sold in capsules marked with a special logo. (There was also talk of having him make plastic explosives.)
WHY IT WAS REJECTED: “Ultimately it was like, the show’s about meth. The blue meth is so iconic,” says Hutchison, who adds: “It’s not really hard to get a prescription for a lot of these drugs.”

We do love her devotion to Badger and Skinny Pete and agree that killing them in a tragic ‘shake and bake’ accident would have been a bit rough.  “It’s Badger and Skinny Pete!” she exclaims. “We can’t burn them horribly! That’s terrible!”

For more, visit EW.

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