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Weekly updates

Sometimes if you want something badly enough you can make it happen. And I guess it’s easier to make something happen if you’re a company who raked in over 10 billion dollars in profit last year.

Google Glass seemed like a crazy technology trend that was just for super nerds and the kind of people who believe time travel is totally viable right now. But it appears that Google is more than serious about it, and are preparing to open up the first Google Glass accessory store which will sell various hi-tech accessories.

Some “Glass Explorers”, as they are called, have come across a new Glass accessory store while they were spacing out using the headsets. As to whether or not people actually buy this stuff, who knows. At 50 bucks for an extra earbud and 75 for a clear shield, it obviously doesn’t come cheap.

But that’s the price you gotta pay for…what exactly does it do again?

Hannah Scholte