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With great power comes great responsibility and this is the central question posed by allegedly the first arrest captured on Google Glass‘, by documentary filmmaker Chris Barrett. Walking along the Jersey Shore boulevard, Barrett happened upon the tail-end of a fight, captured some anti-climatic footage of an arrest and posted it on Youtube touting “this video is proof that Google Glass will change citizen journalism forever.”

Google Glass is the latest in a long line of gadgets to generate controversy about clandestine filming. In many ways capturing citizen/police interactions and other interpersonal disputes with technology like this could prove to be advantageous. The argument goes – as with anything new (remember the cameraphone debates?) – that there are those who like to use technological advances for more sinister means.

In this CCTV-mad world full of surveillance, some argue what’s one more? What’s the problem with arming normal citizens with the same technology? Well, it’s early days and Google Glass is already being banned in America from businesses such as strip clubs, bars, casinos, movie theatres and museums before its release. Only time will time whether the tech is a boon for citizen vigilantism or its downfall.

[Source: i09]

Mica Nantes