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Weekly updates

A few weeks back we learned that an artificial neural network made by Google was having daydreams, and they looked like what would happen if you gave an artificially intelligent web-bot LSD. Just like looking for pictures in the clouds and seeing sheep or houses, Google’s AI, too, saw images of animals and landscapes, but it wasn’t simply looking at clouds, it was looking at the whole of Google Images.

Google have called the code for the AI ‘DeepDream’, and made it public. Now, a GitHub user has discovered that you can plant whatever you like into the AI’s dreams. Audio, and videos too are now possibilities, and in a particularly inspired moment, the user fed the dream bot a clip from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s like watching the film while being fully immersed into Hunter S. Thompson’s irreverent psyche as his and Oscar Acosta’s trip to cover the Mint 400 implodes into a lurid nightmare. It’s awesome.

Check it out below.

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