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You should all know by now that, much like the Wu Tang Clan, the internet ain’t nothing to fuck with. Just ask those exposed on Ashley Madison weeks ago. Too soon? Probably. But on the real, social media has become so powerful that it is now being used as an alternative to seeking police assistance, which is known for it’s slow processing. While we shouldn’t completely bypass the authorities on everything, Facebook has proven that it, too, can be just as effective.

Brisbane man, R.D. Davies, turned to his socials for help after his postie bike was stolen from a friend’s home in Cairns earlier this week. After completing a seven-day charity ride, Davies decided to take some time for himself and enjoy a trip to Cairns before returning home. What he didn’t expect was to witness his dearly beloved being taken from right up under him. In an attempt to fast track his investigation, Davies shared a quick snap of the bike and details of its last known location to Facebook and with that, he was reconciled with the bike just days later.

As Davies reported to the ABC, many people showed sympathy towards his situation and shared the post so much so that by Monday morning, he woke up to a message from someone giving him a tip off of its location. While he admits his experience in Cairns has left him with a “sour taste in his mouth”, the support he received from the community changed his perception of the city for the better.

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