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Forget about the Red Wedding – Kim and Kanye’s wedding is shaping up to be the most talked about wedding of all time, and now, thanks to a trusty leaked pic, everyone is invited! Kinda. Not really. We can pretend.

US Weekly have obtained the below picture of what’s meant to be the official invitation mailed out to the exclusive 100-strong guest list made up of Kimye’s closest cliques. Seeing as the wedding is rumoured to be held at Versailles Palace – the only venue in this world with enough grandeur for pop culture’s ultimate OTP come true – the black-and-gold invite is surprisingly minimal. It doesn’t share many details, either, which makes it a little harder to gatecrash. According to the US Weekly‘s ~mystery unnamed source~, “guests won’t know the venue until they get to Paris… [Kim] hasn’t even told her sisters”. In other words, it seems Kim is taking the complete opposite approach of her last wedding, which can only be a good thing.

The invite says we were meant to RSVP by May 2nd, but I’m sure Kimye will let it slide. So excited! wedding


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