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Weekly updates

Whiskey: good. Bacon: good. Whiskey-bacon: sure. An Iowa distillery is saving you the hassle of glazing your pork chops with Jack Daniels by making your pork chops taste like Jack Daniels. Well, like, Templeton Rye specifically but the same principles apply.

The distillery has bought 25 of the highest quality pure-bred Duroc pigs and plan to make them tasty for alcoholics by putting them on a diet of grains used in the distilling process. Sounds too simple to be legit right? But they’re taking the idea seriously and have even planned out a diet aimed for optimum whiskey flavouring.

The diet keeps them plump until June when the porcine product will be available for consumption. If you’re intrigued you can request a pig from the Templeton Rye website. And regardless of the size of the operation you’re running, all inquiries will be ‘entertained’.


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