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Filed under: yet another example of Japan one-upping the rest of the world via strangely wonderful artistic choices, beacon of electricity and childhood nostalgia Pikachu has just been chosen to become the face of the country’s official 2014 Brazil World Cup campaign.

The on-point decision was the result of an unlikely friendship between The Pokémon Company and Adidas, who came together under Adidas’ “Engine Project” initiative/cliché sporting metaphor that encourages players to perform as a singular motor who can’t be stopped as long as they believe in each other, etc, because apparently nothing motivates a team of elite athletes quite like a team of Pokémon.

And so, Pikachu will be flying to Sao Paulo (possibly in his very own Pokémon plane because yes that exists) with a party of other pocket monsters pals including old mates Squirtle and Bulbasaur who, let’s be honest, have and always will be outshone by Pikachu’s Beyoncé-like aura.

All I know is that I’m currently questioning my own ‘Strayan patriotism because why barrack for your own country when you could be cheering with these ‘lil critters.


The 2014 World Cup kicks off June 12th.


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