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Jarritos Australia Launches New Skating Mini-Series Sip n Push

Highlighting elements of skate and street culture, the first episode in the series features Melbourne-based skate prodigy Brad Saunders.

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Sip n Push is a new mini-series hosted by Jarritos Australia showcasing skate and street culture through the lens of upcoming Australian talent. Viewers can live a day in the life of various passioniate figures in their respective subcultures. Sip n Push focuses on 3 key components that highlight the connection between skateboarding, music and street food. 

Sip n Push was created to shine a light on local skate talent – the short film will be a deep dive into the lives of those influenced by an unabashed sport rooted so deeply in the values of individuality, creativity and freedom. For those who use skate as their outlet to escape and express themselves.

The series sees Jarritos Australia follow suit of their US counterpart who has long been a part of the American skate scene, sponsoring pro skaters for years and even establishing their own official skate team called Jarrilocos. 

Jarritos will take a deep dive into the inspirations, passions and motives that make up local skate legends. Starting with Melbourne-based skate prodigy Brad Saunders. 

The 19-year-old pro-skater boasts an impressive set of accolades for his age. At 16, he was selected to represent Australia in the first-ever Street League World Championships based in Brazil as well as the National Championships. He trained with the development team for the 2020 Olympics and the Victorian Institute of Sport. 

Brad skates for at least four or five hours every day, spending three days a week in Beaufort and four in Melbourne while keeping up with school work. He frequently travelled overseas for the sport to compete and train – with an extensive travel history including tours in America, Europe, Indonesia and China. 

Jarritos linked up with Brad and videographer Albert D’Urbano in Melbourne as he ventured to all his favourite spots around town, giving the ultimate tour as he skated through Melbourne CBD, headed to the iconic local skate institution Fast Times and picked up a feed at local food truck Dingo Ate my Taco. To cool off, he hit up brand new Mexican tequila bar and restaurant South of the Wall for a classic Jarritos Margarita before finishing the day at St Kilda Skate Park.

Check out the full video above and follow Jarritos Australia for more.

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