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Weekly updates

Some of us are lucky. Some of us find our calling early on and chase it with the vigour of Kramer eating a meat sandwich. Twitter’s Seinfeld2000 is one of these people and dedicates his time to recreating Seinfeld episodes as if the series was still running today. (Inspired by the original Seinfeld Today account, except poorly spelled and batshit crazy.)

These 140-character Twittersodes, as he ‘imagens’, them see Kramer get season tickets to the Clippers games, Jerry stealing lizards from the zoo for ‘Chameleons in Cars’, and ‘Elane’ being a basic bitch at Coachella.

His newest shrine to the show about nothing is a Seinfeld video game, Junior Mint, where you play as Seinfeld or Kramer and throw mints into Elane’s boyfriend’s chest cavity to increase the worth of George’s art collection. Miley Cyrus also makes an appearance.

Seinfeld2000 describes the game:

“k, this game is hand’s down the gretest video game ever creted becase it alow you to pretend your in one of the most clasic epsodes of Senfeld. Can the ppl who made Call Of Duty 4 promise you that? No. They simply canot.”

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