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KAWS to design a line of t-shirts for UNIQLO in 2016

NIGO and KAWS re-unite for a UT collection

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Japanese designer and tastemaker NIGO has called upon one of his favourite artists KAWS for a limited edition run of designs for Uniqlo’s t-shirt branch UT. In their announcement, Uniqlo said “UT has featured an array of pop culture graphics in such collaborations as SPRZ NY and the Shochiku Kabuki series. The new KAWS collection celebrates UT’s fusion of fashion with authentic pop culture.”

NIGO has been heading the creative team for UT for a minute and his admiration for KAWS’ work has been made very clear in the past, so it was inevitable that these two were going to work together again. And since the end of his Original Fake project back in 2013, it looks like the New York artist is pretty stoked to be creating something for the people again.

“I have long wanted to augment limited editions of my work by extending my artistic expression to people everywhere. UT is a cool canvas for making that dream come true. I trust the vision and enthusiasm of the UNIQLO folks involved in what has been a fun project. And it’s great to at last be part of the amazing UT platform of fellow artist and friend NIGO.”

Hopefully the designs will make their way to the Australian stores when they drop this year. We’ll definitely be keeping our fingers (and eyes?) crossed.


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