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Do you feel constrained by regular laptop accessories? Have you ever wanted to have a laptop case that can work as a toy too? Well now you can let your creative juices flow with the ultra-customisable Brik Case.

The Brik Case is a concept laptop cover which acts as a base board for your favourite toy bricks, allowing you to create anything you can imagine on your laptop. According to the creators, the Brik Case will be compatible with a range of toy bricks, including Lego and Mega Blox. So you’d better try and find the dusty old box of bricks while you’re at your parents’ for Easter.

The covers will also be shipping with a bag of 100 custom made 1×1 bricks allowing you to create something practical or just fun. They aim to be producing a final version of the product by August this year.

The Kickstarker campaign has already reached its funding goal, but it will close on April 25 so if you’ve got a MacBook and desire some brick action go ahead and make a pledge.

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