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Who knows whether the internet’s constant barrage of baby name suggestions had anything to do with it, but it didn’t take long for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to decide on and announce the name of their son. Saint West.

And, as usual, the internet’s millions of commentators have something to say about it. While it shouldn’t be surprising that someone who would deem himself Yeezus, a God, and “the greatest rock star on the planet”, has the balls to name his first-born son Saint, some people are still a little confused. Reactions online range from disbelief to approval and everything in between. Yung Saint has already amassed over 109K tweets about him, so to say there are some high expectations placed on the kid might be somewhat of an understatement. One thing’s for sure, this kid is in for a very interesting life journey… and we’ll all probably be tuning in to watch it. 

Weekly updates