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Weekly updates

Telling your significant other about your ex is always a delicate operation. We are still trying to perfect the science of co-existing with our love’s past loves and some understandably find it harder to do than others. And while I’m certainly a fan of leaving the past in the past, I’m not about to tell my dude that the reason my ex doesn’t exist is because he’s dead…by my own instruction. That would be crazy. And exactly the kind of thing Kim Jong Un would say.

Last year, international media reports circulated the story of Kim Jong-Un ordering the execution of a former lover, a popular singer (and alleged porn star and Christian) Hyon Song-wol. Now, the origin of these reports still remains a little dubious, as it was first leaked by South Korean title – and known enemy and target of North Korea – Chosun Ilbo. So, as characteristically KJU is it sounded (read: absolutely cray), maybe we should have taken the news with a grain of salt. And now maybe we should disregard it all together, seeing as in the past week, the apparently deceased Hyon Song-wol was recorded speaking at a national artists’ meeting. See video evidence here.

So maybe there’s hope for Tupac and Elvis yet.