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As someone who is constantly shadowed by her ‘glam squad’, it’s a little surprising to know that Kim Kardashian went total #nofilter for her most recent photo editorial. Posing for Vogue Spain in a decidedly unglamorous (but also totally high-fashion) series of images, Kim cuts the figure of a natural beauty, busy mum, and even—dare I say it—‘girl next door’. This might be in line with the fact that she’s pregnant with her second child and could be a new ‘au natural’ phase she’s trialling during the pregnancy? I mean, Kanye’s already cutting out carbs so it probably wouldn’t hurt to give the (face) cake a rest. Either way, we’ve seen everything else Kim has to offer, it was only a matter of time before we got to see her face stripped bare too. Take a look at the images, shared via Kim’s Instagram, in our gallery above.

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