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Weekly updates

Partaking in a French kiss, make out, tonguing, whatever you want to call it, is best left to the two people partaking in it. Making an effort to view it is perverted in a pg-rated kind of way, but still perverted none the less. Making the effort to view it from the inside is another level of voyeurism all together.

Anyway some guy on reddit was curious and decided to put a camera into the back of some poor souls mouth to capture a glimpse of the unknown. Who knows what they were expecting to see. It seems pretty self-explanatory. What would you expect two mouths to look like from the inside? Saliva, teeth, lips, Saarlacc-pit looking things? You’d be right.

Those are some pretty juicy looking lips though. Click the image bellow.


A Sarlacc Pit

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 3.38.30 pm