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Say what you will about Clinton’s fidelity but, as the meme goes, it’s better to have blow-jobs than no jobs. Clinton was my hero when I was a young’un – I mean who doesn’t want to be boss-of-the-world with a mistress and badass saxophone chops? It was actually my dream to be POTUS up until about nine when I saw that episode of The West Wing where they don’t let a Canadian into office because she wasn’t born in the States.

The Wire reports that hacker Guccifer, who leaked George Bush’s artwork and scans of Sex In The City author Candice Bushnell’s latest novel, got ahold of the doodles by hacking Clinton’s email. They include motor bike wheels, brick walls, American flags and repetitive line drawings like those that teenage girls draw school book margins. That is until you get to the dick which happens to be on a secret White House document about former Yugoslavian president, Slobodan Milošević. Classic Clinton.

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