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Lexus have pipped Mattel at the post by recently unveiling what they are claiming to be a working prototype for a hoverboard. The luxury car company’s “Amazing In Motion” campaign has set out to innovate the piece of tech, which has long been a fantasy of every single person that ever watched Back To The Future 2. 

The technology is the same as that featured in bullet trains in Japan, magnetically levitating in combination with superconductors that create a friction free zone between the board and the ground, allowing it to hover. At the moment, the board gets extremely hot, so it has to be cooled down with liquid nitrogen whenever it’s in operation; this means it’s continually smoking, like all cool things and people are.

While it’s exciting news, you can put your puffy vest and pearlescent rainbow hat away, Marty — the board won’t be available anytime soon, but an intense testing mode will promptly begin in Barcelona, Spain. Until then, we’ll just have to keep using the IO Hawk segway/skateboard hybrid that every damn rapper seems to be showing off on Snapchat at the moment. In the meantime, you can check out the video for the hoverboard prototype in the gallery above.


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