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Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg have found themselves in hot water, yet again, when Zucks’ personal page was hacked by a dude they had previously ignored for reporting a bug that compromised people’s security. Palestinian white hat hacker, only known as Khalil, had submitted numerous bug reports to the social media site – either not receiving a response or having his reports discredited as “not a bug” – and decided to take the extreme approach to further prove his point.


Normally these guys actually get cash rewards for highlighting any site vulnerabilities, but because Khalil had “breached Facebook’s terms of use” by posting on Zuckerberg’s wall, he was conveniently ineligible for any payout. Though what the company may have saved on the hip-pocket, they have surely paid for in credibility and there must be more than a few nervous employees in that (awesome) office today. Check out the cute ‘how-to’ video above and read more detail on the discovery via Khalil’s blog here.

[via Gizmodo]