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Weekly updates

I can’t say that I haven’t come close to being in this exact position. Just last weekend, I ate so many Krispy Kremes and Tim Tams, that I was rendered unable to move while I ordered my judgemental sister to bring me the dog, so that I at least had someone there to comfort me who wasn’t going to laugh at me if I vomited on myself because we have both been there, hey little buddy? I desperately wanted to throw up, but I knew all that would do is clear room for me to immediately repeat the same mistake of inhaling whatever had previously escaped the unforgiving embrace of my appetite.

So I have great sympathy for the Ohio man who called a police dispatcher and claimed that he was “too high”. He was soon found by cops in his Austintown home laying in “fetal position” and groaning in a “plethora” of Doritos, cookies and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.┬áHe told them that he couldn’t feel his fingers because he “smoked too much weed”.

He then directed officers to his car, where he had allegedly smoked the pot. A glass pipe, rolling papers, a roach and a jar of weed were recovered from his vehicle. He apparently denied medical treatment (wtf you calling dispatch for, then?).

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