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A man from Stamford Connecticut called the cops after spending four hours holed up in his car when his pet cat wouldn’t let him back into his house, which to be honest sounds like a 100% fair call.

Mohammed Lokman told 911 operators that his cat, who had just had a kitten, had been acting normally when he’d left the house that morning, only to attack him when he came home and changed his clothes. At this point, I’m not really sure what else there is to do aside from calling for police intervention, but Mohammed persisted, locking his cat in another room and waiting for it to calm down. When that didn’t work (I don’t even want to hear about what made him decide that it hadn’t) he and his wife left the house and made for a car-park for a few hours before calling for help.

If you were having trouble imagining how a 4-kg animal could forcibly evict a person from their own home, or needed more convincing that cats make the worst pets, please refer to the video.


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