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It’s no secret that Australians are a pretty sports-mad people. Despite a burgeoning domestic league in most sports, many of our most talented venture out to some of the more lucrative and higher profile international competitions (hello Tim Cahill, Patty Mills, Andrew Bogut). Our latest export comes from our very own hometown of Melbourne – fresh-faced basketball prodigy Dante Exum.

With the skills (and name, tbh) perfectly suited to a life in the limelight, the 18-year-old has just been drafted into the NBA by Utah Jazz, with their fifth draft pick. Speaking after the NBA Draft, Exum remains humble and loyal, despite the fact he had just scored a two-year contract in the world’s biggest sporting league and was now worth US$4.5 million.

“I’m just a kid from Melbourne, Australia. I’m always representing Australia.”

Go, son.



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