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I bet the first thing that crossed your mind as soon as you saw that Travi$ Scott dropped the cover artwork for his upcoming debut album Rodeo was “damn, why can’t I too be immortalised as an action figure?” and, “will it look as cool on the cover of my mixtape?” Well, the answer is you probably can, and no, it probably won’t.

Meet Dan Chung, the sixth-scale enthusiast (the preferred title, over doll-maker) responsible for designing, sculpting, and braiding(!) the miniature Travi$ Scott action figure. Chung’s website describes him as an artist, fusing the practices of painting, sculpture and sewing in pursuit of the creation of sixth-scale models.

In a recent interview with Complex, Chung talked about how he realised Travi$ Scott’s vision as well as the possibility of mass production, something Travi$ has apparently been pushing for. Chung also spoke about the possibility of creating hyper-realistic sixth-scale figures as a stand-in for photo shoots, especially for busy athletes and celebrities. Which is kind of horrifying if you think about it, not knowing whether you’re looking at the real thing, or just a doll. Either way, check out some more close-up images of Chung’s amazing Travi$ Scott figure in the gallery above.

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