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Weekly updates

Say aww hellooOOO in your finest high-pitched baby voice to Didga, the Australian cat that looks like your average #instacat until it fucking steps on a skateboard and skates better than you ever could during your faux-skater phase in seventh grade.

Making his debut in a classic fisheye lens skating video, the ‘lil tabby shreds down sunny beachside Coolangatta and earns more onlookers than Rihanna doing a topless photoshoot on the shore. He pulls off some pretty impressive moves all caught in dramatic slow-mo, like jumping off the board onto a bench, a sign, up a tree and onto a random guy’s shoulders, all before hopping back on again and not giving a single fuck. Things get a little tense when a wild Rottweiler approaches, but as you quickly come to expect, this chiller isn’t phased in the slightest and simply jumps on its back and keeps on cruising. Haters – 0, Didga – everything.

The only time it’s ever acceptable to upload a picture or video of your cat on Instagram (seriously, no-one cares) is when it’s doing this:


So majestic.

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