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Under a proposed plan of restrictions, cyclists would be banned from certain parts of Melbourne’s CBD, according to a proposal by lord mayor Robert Doyle.

The ban would only affect three major CBD roads: Flinders Street, King Street, and Lonsdale Street. Cr Doyle says the the ban would improve the safety of cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. These streets were targeted due to high volumes of traffic.

According to The Age, cyclists who break the ban would face a fine of up to $152. The ban is designed to encourage cyclists to use LaTrobe Street, which has a dedicated bike lane, which Cr Doyle believes is being underused by cyclists heading east-west through the CBD.

The situation is a complex one, as a mixed road is a frequent cause of accidents and deaths. As cycling to work is only a recent trend, legislators have yet to deal with the complex issues of increased bicycle traffic on narrow and congested CBD streets.

According to Cr Doyle a decision on the ban would ultimately have to be made by VicRoads as the Melbourne City Council does have the ability the introduce the ban itself.


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