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We all know that crossing in front of trams isn’t cool, but then again if you’re an adult human being, you assess the situation, and you make a conscious decision that it’s safe to cross the road then that should be cool. You’re old enough to look after yourself right? Not according to this new crackdown, creatively titled “Operation Cross Walk.” Dun, Dun, Dun *cue scary piano noises*

Anyway, it seems a couple of people had a few “near misses” and ruined it for everyone, for a week (everyone who isn’t slick of course.) The cops will be patrolling Melbourne’s CBD like usual, but this time they’ll focus on cracking down on the people who think they can just cross the road with out taking orders from a robot with a few colorful lights on it.

Bottom line, watch out around Southern Cross Stationand Flinders Street, they’re watching you, eager to slam you with a $76 fine. I don’t know about you but I sure know what the boys from NWA would say.


Jarman Cutrona

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