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What appeared to be a very close (and slightly too intimate) friendship between Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry has turned a little sour, at least on Miley’s part. Katy recently appeared on Australian radio, commenting on that impromptu pash with Miley at her Bangerz concert, saying that she had to resist further advances from the pop starlet because “God knows where that tongue has been.” Valid point. But she was clearly joking.

Miley, despite her butt and tongue thrusting tendencies, did not appreciate the subtle comedy and proceeded to read Katy about her most recent “ex boo” John Mayer, replying via Twitter, “we ALL know where that [tongue emoji] been.”

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I mean, this girl employs dwarfs as back-up dancers and will gladly grind up on Santa Claus but is apparently offended by an obvious jest about her potential extra-curricular activities. And despite following up with a back-handed ‘make nice’ tweet, she’s still left sounding like a jilted lover. Girl, keep it movin’.

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