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After much social media speculation, Nickelodeon has confirmed plans for its hyped ‘90s-specific venture The Splat. Contrary to our hopes and dreams, The Splat will be an eight-hour block of programming on TeenNick, airing between 10pm and 6am ET, from October 5. The programming time-frame has some fans perplexed because we’re all actual grown-ups now and know that we will be absolutely useless at work if we don’t get our designated eight hours of sleep the night before. Although, it does provide an up-side for any night-owls with a penchant for The Rugrats and a pay TV subscription.

According to Us Weekly, the network’s statement says The Splat is a “new multiscreen content destination spanning television, seven social media platforms, and a dedicated website aggregating the most loved Nick content from the 1990s and beyond.” Hopefully that means there will be options to re-live our youths by streaming HD quality re-runs on our laptops… which is basically how we all watch television now anyway.

With just over a week away before its official launch, we’re sure The Splat will be ramping up the nostalgia via these social media channels, which we’re not complaining about. In the meantime, check out their latest promo clip and revel in the reunion of classic ‘90s Nick duo Kenan and Kel in the Good Burger skit with Jimmy Fallon, above.

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