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Since the U.S began legalising the use of medical marijuana across certain states, we’ve seen an explosion in the amount companies willing to simplify the process in which one comes into possession of the goods. A new start-up in the form of a premium delivery service called Potbox has just been announced, already offering its services across San Francisco and parts of LA. Aiming to provide consumers with the “highest quality and most ethically produced cannabis available”, the companies curators will ensure that you get hand selected strains delivered right to your door every month.

Available as a monthly subscription, each delivery will consist of a quarter-ounce of your preferred strand split into two corked bottles, as well as a two pre-rolled joints wax-sealed in a glass tube. At the moment you are limited to six different strands, including Blue Soar, OG Kush, Alien OG, Lemon Chuck, Purple Platinum Kush and Phil’s PSGC.

Currently, it is obviously only available in the U.S and will cost consumers a steep $149.99 per month, which far exceeds street price and that of certified dispensaries. But ain’t nobody got time to wait in lines and risk getting screwed over by their dealer anymore.

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