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Weekly updates

People thrive when surrounded by like-minded friends, especially in a creative working environment. When talented individuals connect together to work as a team, they feed off each other’s creative energy and the end result is a collaborative effort that brings everyone closer. Puma has been spending the last few weeks hanging out with four crews around the country to see how these “teammates” interact and work with each other, sometimes to one collective target, other times assisting each other to reach individual goals.

The first video in the series focuses on Melbourne’s Studio Six Fifteen, a spot located above the busy city streets that houses six creatives who work out of the spot and use the studio in their own respective ways. The guys have only been working together since the start of this year, but already they have noticed how it’s changed the energy and process surrounding their works.

Production Manager- Vincent Tang for ACCLAIM
Filmed and Edited by- Damian Kane For ACCLAIM
Music by Gonzo from his debut EP For You which can be downloaded for free here: gonzobeats.bandcamp.com/album/for-you-ep