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In The Simpsons 26 seasons of opening sequences, we’ve seen countless guest animators that adapt the famous couch gag to make it their own; John Kricfaulsi, Seth Green, Banksy, and Guillermo del Toro are all prime examples of this. Ahead of The Simpsons’ season finale, Matt Groening has reached out to Dan Harmon, creator of Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, to put his unique spin on things.

The title sequence begins as any other, but when the family seats themselves on the couch, Morty flies a spaceship through house, turning the family into a pile of yellow goo, which leads to Rick sending Morty to another dimension to clone the family, whilst he plunders the house.

The little teaser has us waiting for the hilarious second season premier of Rick and Morty on July 26th.

Adam Pereira


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