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Allen’s have confirmed that Sherbies will be staying on the shelves–apparently there were never any plans to axe them, so yay! Oddfellows are also still in the game and Red Skins will not be shrinking. Many of the reported changes to the current Allen’s ranges had already been in the works for a while, with the confectionery company, like most others, adjusting their strategy to roll with the times.


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The confectionery-loving population of Australia will have to wipe away their tears today, with massive changes in the portfolio of Australia’s largest lolly manufacturer Allen’s. The changes proposed include the cut of seven items from their product line, and a heap of modifications to their current range.

The range of sweets that will be getting the axe include: Spearmint Leaves, Green Frogs, Butter Menthol Kids, Marella Jubes, Sherbies, Jelly Tots and Oddfellow Mints. When asked what were the motives behind Allen’s ‘streamlining their portfolio,’ a spokesman said they were “deleting Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs because they weren’t popular and sales had been slowly dropping off over time. We were selling one Green Frog to every 10 Red Frogs”

What grinds my gears more than the axed lines however, is the changes to the existing product line that have come into place, including Killer Pythons being cut from 47g down to 24g and Red Skins will be downsized from 15g to 11g. Gone are the days when you could go to your canteen or 7/11 and get a lolly that was actually substantial in size, plus how can you brand it as a ‘killer’ python when it’s hardly bigger than a normal snake!  Allen’s have also, in a bid to make there sweets ‘healthier’, removed all artificial colours from their ranges–which means seeing a blue lolly or snake is now also a thing of the past (the blue colour being replaced with a natural purple).

Take a moment’s silence and reflect on the fallen soldiers in the photo gallery above.


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