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Weekly updates

YouTuber Merfish has taken full advantage of the fact that the PC version of GTAV has the option to modify the game to your black heart’s content, by recreating the opening sequence to kids’ show Arthur. While we may be used to hearing the bizarrely catchy reggae-influenced theme in combination with some light-hearted shenanigans from our aardvark amigo, the Grand Theft Arthur version is a tad more mature.

The GTA edition features a wall of disembodied heads, molotov cocktail attacks, a grown man being treated as a baby, and Arthur killing his own mother, which is a bit different to to the original series intro. Merfish has also added a side-by-side comparison video, just in case you wanted to obsessively check that everything was still there.

If you’re as sick and twisted as Merfish or even this guy, you can check out the rest of his videos including a Family Matters opening recreation here. For his magnum opus Grand Theft Arthur however, you can simply check out the gallery above.


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