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They say there’s no such thing as a victimless crime and yet while there is absolutely no way anyone could be legitimately harmed by defacing a sign, police and Sea World want to bring in Steve O for his most recent of shenanigans.

Yes, out of all the pranks that saw Steve O inflict palpable, gruesome pain upon himself and his cohorts, could this be the one that brings him down? The six-years-sober prank artist uploaded a video two weeks ago on his YouTube channel that saw him “put his foot down for Shamu” and deface a highway sign in a childishly perfect prank.

Using a surprisingly well thought out plan (read:sarcasm) involving a FedEx Kinkos, a weighted rope and a five person hoist, Steve O changed the road sign from ‘Sea World Drive’ to the equally accurate ‘Sea World Sucks’ and uploaded it as a video entitled ‘Breaking the Law’.

He really could have gotten away with this but after San Diego’s cyber police squad sniffed out the clip on YouTube, he got the credit and blame he craves and deserves and they maybe sort of might apparently want to bring him in to cover the costs and extreme mental trauma caused to motorists.

Undoubtedly he’ll probably stroll out with a fine equating to 1% of his gross value and a slap on the wrist but it’s like trying to reprimand Bart Simpson for being a little bastard, he’ll just keep doing it until you give up.