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Ever imagined what it would be like for pals A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator to hit up Target? Well, you’re in luck; Rocky filmed bits of their shopping adventure via his Snapchat (LordiLord1 if you’re keen). It’s mostly 35 seconds of Tyler jumping on and over shit. Does this guy ever not have too much energy? “I’m a ballerina,” he says as he balances on the shopping trolley racks. There’s a lot of shopping trolley skating down the aisles and being generally disruptive (AKA probably what you’d rather not encounter during your Saturday afternoon shopping trip). But does anyone intervene? Probably not. I mean, it’s Tyler – he has license to do practically anything, right?

Also, on a side note, what is up with Rocky’s laugh? Is something dying, or does he have a serious case of nasal congestion? Whatever the case is, we’re stoked to see the old mates back at it and having fun together because it’s been a minute between bromance sessions. And can someone please give them a TV show already?

Weekly updates