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Weekly updates

In their ongoing quest to eradicate graffiti on the trains of South Australia, the Police force is now arming itself with motorbikes to run down vandals along the lines. The official statement from the SA Police News facebook page reads as below.

“Police are on the trail of graffiti vandals following a recent spate of graffiti attacks on railcars along the Belair line.
Transit Police are stepping up trail bike patrols along the train lines, the O-Bahn busway and the rail yards over the school holidays.
Police remind graffiti vandals that marking graffiti on trains is an offence and vandals are putting themselves at risk when they trespass on the train line.”

In terms of public safety, it seems like fast moving motorbikes and trains shouldn’t necessarily cohabitate – but *Kanye shrug*. Also, I’m pretty sure this is exactly how a Mad Max type situation starts.