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South Koreans sent their Northern neighbours a chocolate surprise on Wednesday in the form of 10,000 flying Choco Pies. The snacks were launched across the border in 50 giant (condom resembling) balloons.

In case you were wondering, Choco Pies are a delicious combination of chocolate, marshmallow and cake. The South Korean produced pies are widely popular in North Korea and often handed out as bonuses to factory workers. The snack is so well-loved that Choco Pies soon flooded the North Korean black market at inflated prices, becoming something of their own currency.

Angry at the popularity of the South Korean product, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un banned the treats as a symbol of the evils of capitalism. South Koreans responded by flying the now politically symbolic pies across the border in their thousands.

“We will continue to send Choco Pie by balloons because it is still one of the most popular foodstuffs especially among hungry North Koreans,” Choo Sun-Hee, one of the balloon launch’s organisers told AFP.

South Korean activists and North Korean dissidents regularly launch balloons between the countries, usually containing anti-Pyongyang leaflets and DVDs.

North Korea, angry and belligerent as ever, has vowed to shell the people responsible for their chocolate presents.


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