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If you, much like the late Nate Dogg, smoke weed everyday, then you may be in trouble in the reproductive stakes. In 2008-2012, a study of young Danish men aged between 18 and 28-years-old was undertaken, as part of a compulsory medical examination to determine their fitness for military service.

Taking a physical, and providing some blood and semen samples, they later responded to questionnaires about their marijuana and recreational drug use. It was found that regular marijuana smoking more than once per week was associated with a 28% lower total sperm count. Further, the use of marijuana more than once per week and other recreational drugs showed a reduction in total sperm count by 55%.

In making conclusions about the data, researchers suggested there may be some interaction between THC and receptors in the testes. But they couldn’t ignore the possibility that “men who used marijuana generally have an unhealthier lifestyle and health behaviour, which may also affect their semen quality and hormone levels”. That’s enough to harsh anyone’s mellow.

There is some support for studies that have made these links before. One in 2014 noted cannabis may affect sperm’s size and shape, and another in 2004 said that “cannabinoids and endocannabinoids negatively influence sperm functions”. This is fairly minimal evidence that there’s a key link between the two.

And really, if it was all true, would American hero Schoolboy Q take the risk of partaking in behaviour as dangerous as smoking an ounce joint? We don’t know the right answer, but you can at least see that in video form by scrolling through the gallery.

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